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This is a blog about a return to a more pure way of life, a life of beauty and savagery. Beauty inholding with the highest ideals of chivalry, monarchism, traditionalism, and esotericism, an ideal rooted in the old right or new right if you will. Yet we cannot have order from chaos without the savagery of our natural state. We are warriors; we are masculine, sweating, bleeding, fighting and killing. We are unrelenting, and refuse to be gelded and domesticated; we are tribal, and unapologetic.

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"You have got to pull yourself together! Don’t be sad for what was, and don’t be scared for what will be. Just be here now, look at the sun in the morning and the moon at night and remember that today is just as wonderful as yesterday, and tomorrow will be all that you make it to be."

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The Virtues of Philip II of Spain

Charles left Philip with experienced advisors—notably the secretary Francisco de los Cobos and the general Duke of Alba. Philip was also left with extensive written instructions which emphasised “piety, patience, modesty, and distrust.” These principles of Charles were gradually assimilated by his son, who would grow up to become grave, self-possessed and distrustful. Personally, Philip spoke softly, and had an icy self-mastery; in the words of one of his ministers, “he had a smile that cut like a sword.”

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Kay Nielson (1886 - 1957)

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